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I’m Shannon Evans. I am a writer in the contemplative Catholic tradition, with some spicy kicks of social justice and ecofeminism sprinkled in for good measure. I am also a spiritual retreat leader and sometimes speaker, though I prefer the former to the latter because, well, the introvert force is strong with this one.

My family makes our home on a central Iowa prairie, where you can usually find me traipsing around to see what kind of scat I might find today. (And then writing something metaphorical about it, for better or for worse.) I adore this place that continually unfolds itself before me.

I write books. I mother children. I believe in liberation. I pray in the woods.

For some reason, your spiritual vitality is important to me. Call me crazy, but somewhere along the way I realized that we are too interconnected for it to be otherwise. And so I show up and write for you here, not because I think I have something to teach you, but because I think wondering and wandering together is the closest we come to God.

All waxing poetic aside, you probably just want to know what your investment is here. On that front, you can be relieved to know this newsletter is only sent out once or twice a month, because my greatest fear is violating your inbox generosity.

Street Cred

Shannon K. Evans is the author of Rewilding Motherhood, Luminous: A 30-day Journal, and the forthcoming Feminist Prayers for My Daughter, available for preorder now.

Shannon is an editor for National Catholic Reporter, writes and leads retreats for the Jesuit Conference (among other places), and is a regular contributor to Franciscan Media. Her work has appeared in America, U.S. Catholic, Red Letter Christians, and Geez, among many other places. Her career peaked when she co-led a workshop on anti-racism for Sesame Street in Communities, so now its downhill from here.

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Finding our way back to a spirituality of presence, freedom, and mystery.


Shannon K. Evans

Shannon K. Evans is a writer and speaker whose work centers the intersection of contemplative spirituality and social change. She is the author of Rewilding Motherhood and Feminist Prayers for My Daughter.